Pardon The Dust: Welcome to

So now there are two Real Changzhou blogs, The .com site is hosted out of  America, and the .org site is separately hosted out of Hong Kong. Some people could read the American hosted site, and many just couldn’t on their cell phones. It would load slowly and “hang” on a blank white screen. The idea was to have a mirror side on the Asia side of the Pacific to make pages load quicker in China.

Has it worked? I don’t know. I have been working on this all day and am getting cabin fever. What I have noticed is that this new site loads on my phone quicker, but then lags on WiFi — the complete opposite of the American site’s problem (quick on Wifi and sometimes not at all on data plans). There are a number of issues to also be ironed out. I am just saying these now …

WordPress as a content management system has been spotty in China as of late. This is not the WordPress that’s blocked by the Chinese government, but the system that can be inserted into an independent hosting plan. However, after spending an agonizingly frustrating day trying out other platforms like Drupal, I am going to try and make a go of it with WordPress. There are certain things in this platform that are tengentially linked to Google, like display fonts. Anything remotely linked to Google will slow a website down in China. The idea is to track those things down and switch them to alternatives to Google products. So, even this “new solution” is now a work in progress. I guess that’s Murphey’s Law. And, next time I see Murphey, I am going to punch him in the face!