The Math Globe on Camphor Way


The College Town in Wujin is essentially three streets that run parallel east to west. There is Gehu Road that passes by the north gate of Changzhou University and two vocational colleges. Then, there is Mingxin Road to the south. This passes the south gates of Changzhou College of Information Technology, the Mechatronics College, and the Light Industrial College. The B1, B16, and 2 buses all use this road. Camphor Way, however, is the road between the two. It’s usually partially gated and closed to through / shortcut traffic. In a way, it serves as park without being named as such. At night, you see college students walking or jogging  here. Couples often cuddle together on secluded benches.

One of the more “Changzhou iconic” sculptures is here. It’s a circular globe made of metal disks. The sides of these discs have mathematical equations and important educational quotes engraved onto them. I have seen photographs of this thing turn up in books and other bits of promotional literature for the city. As for its location, it’s on the eastern end of Camphor Way. It’s between Changzhou University’s south gate and Changzhou College of Information Technology’s north gate.