Urinating Mystery Man

From time to time, you will find the strangest things on public display in Changzhou. The Jiu Zhou New World shopping mall has one such oddity. Technically, it’s not in the mall, at all, but in the sunken fashion plaza beneath Lanling Road . You can, however, walk from the mall’s basement level to the fashion plaza easily. It’s a wall mural the features the Incredible Hulk standing at a urinal. His hand is on the wall, and he is straining. The wall is crumbling under the might of his grip.  And his pants are falling down, revealing the crack of his buttocks.

Spiderman is standing next to him, and he is looking down. You can easily assume what Spiderman is looking at. Lighting bolts of surprise emphasize his shock. Now, I am not going to speculate what Spiderman is thinking or contemplating. You can look at the picture and figure that out for yourself. The empty space next to Hulk is what I am curious about. There are also concern lightning bolts, but there is nobody standing at that urinal.

So, this leaves me to wonder. What Marvel characters have the power of invisibility? I didn’t know, so I Googled it. As it turns out, the ability to vanish is not a common ability i the Marvel universe. Most of the characters I found were minor and mostly apocryphal. The biggest of all the names seems to be Dr. Stephen Strange — who is currently being played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Or, as Chinese women love to call him, Horse Face. So, my guess is that it’s him, and he’s mystified.


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