The Value of Picking a Good Ebike Shop

Where I bought my current bike in Wujin. Their mechanics know some English — enough to communicate issues and concerns.

There are definite benefits of buying a used eBike from a departing expat, but there is also reasons to buy something brand new. Those reasons can be saved for another time. If you are new to Changzhou, and you are considering an electric scooter, figuring out where to buy it is important.

You shouldn’t buy such vehicles from a supermarket like Auchan or RT Mart. A colleague at an old school did that, and he ended up paying way too much for something mediocre. However, there is an even more important reason. Every time he had a tire or mechanical issue, he complained to me about not knowing where to take it service. I refrained from telling him “I told you so” several times.

Buying from a specialized shop leads to building a relationship with their mechanics. They get to know your bike specifically and the issues they have worked on in the past.  And if the issues are minor, they will sometimes not even charge you for service. For example, I bought my current ride in Wujin’s College Town. On several occasions, I have returned their with an issue, and the repair has been free of charge. Not once have the charged me for labour and time spent. Ever since I moved to Xinbei, going to other shops for minor upkeep has lead to some sort of bill, even when small.