Pudong Security Changes


If you are traveling from Changzhou to Shanghai Pudong International, new and extra security measures are in place. This came about because of an explosion that occurred at a ticket counter. Somebody lobbed a crudely constructed explosive, and four people became injured because of it.

In all honesty, this new security check didn’t take much time. I recently flew out of Pudong while on my way to New Jersey to see my family for about 13 days. When I went through this checkpoint, I had walked from the Maglev station to the terminal containing United Airline’s ticket counters. Once I reached the check point, I saw that they were wanding ten people at a time. This was to speed up the flow of travellers. By wanding, I mean security officiallys rub a piece of fabric over everybody’s luggage and bags. If an alarm is tripped, then they will more than likely check people within that group individually.


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