Discount Eyewear in Xinbei


Summer in Changzhou can not only be depressing hot and sweaty, sometimes the glare from the sun can be too much. Of course, it depends on the health of somebody’s eyes. Some need sunglasses more than others, and some are always in the market for glasses in general. Regionally speaking, it helps that Danyang is a neighboring city. It’s one of Zhenjiang’s satellite cities, and it’s well renowned for manufacturing glass lenses. While Danyang is only 15 minutes away by high speed train, you actually don’t have to go there for bargain hunting.

Changzhou has eyewear markets featuring Danyang lenses. Xinbei has a particularly large one. It’s on the third floor of the Lippo Plaza shopping center. This is the mall on the other side of the street from Wanda Plaza. If one were to go in there, they would find a lot of empty shops. The place looks like its better days have passed. The escalators are all turned off. Still, there is plenty of commerce going on here. The eyeglass market is merely the biggest thing there.