Introducing Real Jiangnan


There are two magazines about China in English that you can find around Changzhou. One is City Weekend. It covers Shanghai, and you can usually find it on the magazine racks at Starbucks. The other is Open Magazine. This one you can usually find at hotels and western bars and restaurants. The focus of that one is Suzhou, but in recent months, they have broadened their editorial focus to include Changzhou and Wuxi. I know this, recently, because I have agreed to write an ongoing column for them.

So, my monthly pages in Open will be called “Real Jiangnan.” For those who do not know, Jiangnan is a region of China that consists of parts of three different provinces. Changzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou are all in the Jiangnan region. There will be a slight difference, though. Magazine articles and blog posts are not the same thing. Typically, the content on this blog ranges between 300 to 500 words. Things written for Real Jiangnan will be much longer, because the reading experiences between print and internet are much different. Also, I have agreed to not post any of those Real Jiangnan essays here. They are exclusively at Open. So, if anybody is curious, seek out a copy. They are free at their points of distribution.