The Truth About the Qingfeng Skatepark

img_20160925_165831Changzhou has a skatepark, and it looks like something BMX riders and skaters would ride in the X Games. It has transitions, flat banks, and rails. It even has a mini half. It can be found in Qingfeng Park in Zhonglou. The park in general is accessible from the city center via a doubledecker bus.

Sounds great, right? Before anybody grabs a skateboard and runs out there, there’s something one should know. The whole thing is useless and unusable. First, the skatepark is fenced in, and access is restricted. Even if they let you in, the ramps and banks are unsafe to ride. Patches of rust heavily dot almost every surface. So, it’s basically a useless piece of urban blight now. The Qingfeng Park manager has also treated it as a place to store scrap metal.


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