Where Domino’s Pizza Is Not



Sometimes, Baidu and other map apps are not to be trusted in China. They will say something exists when it actually doesn’t. Consider the above screenshot. It’s giving a Changzhou location for 达美乐比萨,or, as it is better known in English, Domino’s Pizza. According to the picture, it can be found in the relatively new and empty Rise Sun Manhattan Plaza in Xinbei. The above is what I like to term as a “map ghost.” If you actually go there, you will not find the American pizza chain. Nothing is there.


Sure, the marquee says “pizza” and has the 达美乐 characters, but the place is absolutely empty and devoid of life with a bare concrete floor. So, maybe Domino’s is still in Changzhou, and maybe it’s a a different location? Map apps are quite often wrong right? I say this because two friends of mine were very hopeful, and they heard rumors of a Changzhou Domino’s from Chinese people. However, if you go by Domino’s actual Chinese website, the chances are bleak. Their store locator only lists locations in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Not to point out the obvious, but if their website does not acknowledge a presence in Changzhou, than Domino’s Pizza is more than likely not in Changzhou.


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  1. Hi! just found your blog and i read through it, good info for people that are new in Changzhou. I just wanted to ask that do you know what hours is the Monkey king open? I looked from internet and it said that they’re open from 10am-11pm, but i went there today at 5pm and it was closed and the whole neighbourhood seemed pretty dead. I’m new to China and Changzhou and still trying to get used to this city and their culture. And if you have any other suggestions for westerner to meet some other expats, I would like to here them. Thanks!

    1. Hmm. Depends on which one, there are two in Changzhou. Five sounds like they should be open. However, keep in mind that there is a “nap time” in Chinese culture between lunch service and dinner. Lots of restaurants are closed during mid day. The owner is a friend. Next time I see him, I will ask.

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