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Jiaze’s Mysterious Church

IMG_20160502_182516Flowers are an industry in Wujin, but this would be closer to Gehu Lake / West Taihu (same lake, two names).  Plus, there is always rapeseed cultivation, but that’s all of China, and not just Wujin or Changzhou in general. There are the sprawling Eighth China Flower Expo grounds, for example. Near that, you would find Jiaze Township. Because of the huge flower show in 2014, the area was redeveloped, and a lot of the construction seems relatively new.

You can also say that for the Christian church in this area.  It’s directly south of the 状元坊 Zhuangyuan Fang commercial and cultural complex. There is a Daoist temple and a supermarket in Zhuangyuan Fang, but most of the shop spaces were closed. The “church” strikes me as strange the more I think about it. On my laptop, the church doesn’t seem to show up on either Baidu or Google maps. It doesn’t show on my mobile phone, either.  I even tried searching using the Chinese characters and English on the exterior: 恩泽堂 and Enze Hall. Part of me was wondering whether this is actually a church at all. There is a very large, very prominent cross here.  However, there is a wedding center shaped like chapel  also in the Gehu Lake area, and that one fooled me at first. That one turned out to be just a wedding hall for rent. So, it’s possible the thing in Jiaze might not be a church at all. In one last effort, I tried using more complex Baidu search terms, like 常州武进恩泽堂, and I finally found my answer. Yes, it’s a church alright.  It’s just a very, very new one that still hasn’t made it onto map apps, yet.  Again, this area underwent redevelopment in recent years.

As for the building, it the architecture looks fairly contemporary. Actually, it doesn’t really look like other churches I have seen in Changzhou.  It looks like a blocky building encased in glass.