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My Eulogy for Jack


I once had a sandwich totally confuse and confound me. The menu called it a Reuben, and that brought all of these fond culinary memories of Jersey. For those who don’t know, this involves two slices of rye bread, corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and thousand island or Russian dressing. They are common in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York City delis. What I ate didn’t meet that description. Cheese and fried onions topped a minced steak patty. No rye bread either — just white toast.

This “not a Reuben” could have been found, once, at Jack’s Home in Wujin. When around, it stood halfway between College Town and Monkey King and Chocolate’s. I used to go there out of sheer laziness. It was the closest expat bar to the College Town area when you ride an eBike or take the B1. Now, its gone. Somebody gutted it and replaced it with a fruit store.

Jack’s death, I am told, is typical of a failing restaurant in China. Butts were not in chairs. Menu items routinely fell out of stock for long periods. Once, I ordered a hamburger there and was served a pork cutlet between two slices of bread. I ate it. It was okay, but it wasn’t a hamburger. Also, some of the menu items began to get spicier — like a fusion between Western and Chinese, but not in a good way. Moves like that are supposed to draw in Chinese  customers, but it more than likely just confuses them.  Jack’s isn’t the first restaurant in Changzhou to vanish, and it won’t be the last. That’s just nature of the hospitality business. However, somebody needs to tell TripAdvisor, by the way that this place is gone and forgotten.