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Zouqu’s City of Lights


Certain parts of Changzhou cater to different industries. Trina and solar power, for instance, plays a big role in parts of Xinbei. Over in Qishuyan, which became part of Wujin last year, the train industry is central to local economics. Zouqu, oddly enough, is big on all types of lights. Want to buy a chandelier? You can find a deal in Zouqu. The same can be said for most types of fixtures for home and commercial business like bars and restaurants. You can even purchase street lamps there. Yes, street lamps.

I didn’t know how big a deal this was until recently. I had been to this part of Changzhou before while looking for a Buddhist temple. I saw street lamps crowding the side of the road, but I didn’t stop. Eventually, I heard about “light market” in that part of town, I wondered if I had passed it or not. Turns out, I did. And the place is massive. Think of something that spans several city blocks, and you can drive a car through it — even park. But the market itself is not the end of it. A huge shopping mall stands across the street, and specialty carries on into there and several other large retail locations in the area.

Zouqu itself is located in the western part of the city. It’s in Wujin, but it’s in the western arm of that district. For instance, the huge light market like five to eight kilometers from Qingfeng Park in Zhonglou.