Wujin Has Arms!

Wujin looks like an amoeba! It’s getting its psuedopods around Tianning, Zhonglou, and Xinbei! Nobody is safe! It already ate Qishuyan!

It’s actually wrong to think of Wujin as Changzhou’s southern district. True, a good bit of it is in the south of the city, but if you look at a map, district lines have Wujin surrounding much much of the city. For instance, you can stand in Xinbei, drive west, and find yourself in Wujin. The same will happen in you drive east. So, if you’re trying to describe Changzhou to somebody, you have to be specific when you are talking about Wujin. I have devised my own

system for the two northern parts: the “west arm” and the “east

arm.” In the USA, such map irregularities

are called “panhandles.” Because, well, they are shaped like panhandles.  For non-native speakers, the metaphorical use of the word might be difficult — hence my “arm” preference.

For a little added perspective, the blue dot in both Baidu Maps screenshots is me. I am at my computer in my apartment at Hohai University. This is on Hehai Road. Xinbei Wanda Plaza is in walking distance. Dinosaur Park is four kilometers away.  Downtown is about 20 minutes away when I am doing 60 kph on my eBike.

Xinbei’s district lines

3 thoughts on “Wujin Has Arms!”

  1. Hi there. I’m new to wujin and enjoying your blog as it’s difficult to find much info out there!

    Please could you tell me how you get your ebike up to 60kph? I bought mine in wujin and was told it was the fastest one but cannot get above 45.


    1. It depends upon the bike. But, get a chinese friend, go back to the shop where you bought it, and ask if you can have batteries added. My ebike came with six, when I bought it, I paid extra to have four batteries added.

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