Wujin Revolutionary Martyrs’ Memorial


Monuments to fallen communist heroes are extremely common in China. Nearly every town has at least one. Of course, in the past, I have had trouble finding some. Baidu Maps say they are there, and when you actually go to find them, you’re in an empty field. As I have always said before, I call these map ghosts.

Wujin has a fairly large one, but it looks more like a mausoleum where human remains are stored — not so much a place for tourists or an attraction in that way. I have been here when the gates were open during the day, and after walking around, I realized what it actually was and didn’t linger. It consists of a huge plaza, a monument with Chinese writing, and a large, shuttered building behind it.

It’s near Baolin Temple in Wujin — the temple with the huge indoor statue of Guanyin. Also nearby is grave site for the general population. The entrance to the Yancheng’s preserved historical site is also nearby. Honestly, Yancheng and Baolin are more worth the visit. As I always say, its best to let the dead rest in peace.


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