Jiu Zhou Antique Market


I am always on the hunt for old photos, and I am especially looking for old pictures of Changzhou and other cities. This means I spend a lot of time looking for antique markets and junk stores. So, far, there five places I know of. Wujin has a place near where Changwu and Renmin intersect. There are two near Hongmei Park, and one stands behind the Christian church at Wenhuagang 文化宫. That one is perhaps the largest. Recently, I found another near the Jiu Zhou New World shopping center near the city center..

It’s across the street and in a very weathered, very dirty looking building. It’s on the second floor of that building, and once you climb the stairs into the place, you notice it is as grimy on the inside as it is on the exterior. The wares are much of the same: ceramics, postage stamps, jewelry, old red Mao quotation books, and few other things. I did see some nice furniture there, too. However, I saw none of the stuff I like to collect. So, no photos, no old postcards, and very few old printed things. There was also a lot of empty space, too. The likelihood I will return to this place is minimal.


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