Weidun Museum Always Closed

When it comes to China, there is always a lack of information in English. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to do this blog — that at least somebody is explaining something in English. But, there are challenges that come with that. Take prehistoric Changzhou, for example. People have been living in this part of Jiangsu since the stone age. This is over 6000 years ago. However, if you google “Weidun” or “Weidun People” or “Weidun China,” the results are less than meager.

I’ve been trying this because there is the Weidun Relics Park over in the former district of Qishuyan. The park has a museum dedicated to the Weidun civilization, but the problem is this. It’s closed. It’s been closed every time I went there. This is even back in 2014 — the time before having an eBike and I randomly found it by jumping onto a bus and taking it to its terminal point. I had no clue where was going at the time. As for this musuem, It doesn’t matter the time of day or the day of the week. It’s always closed. And that’s a shame. The internet can’t tell me much about the Weidun people, and the only thing that can seems to be a few displays in the Changzhou Museum.


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  1. Really fascinating and frustrating…

    This post encouraged me to see what I could find out about the Weidun people, and came up with limited, but intriguing information as well. I found that excavation of the site revealed that people had been buried face down, head facing north, females found with spinning wheels by their hands, and men with boot-shaped implements of antler at their feet.

    I would desperately love to know more about the people, and the site, but with the museum always being closed, it looks like (pardon the pun) both pursuits will hit a brick wall.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and if anyone is lucky enough to find the museum open, I would recommend to take as many pics as you can. Then of course, please share!

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