Western Beer Beef Steak


Western Beer Beef Steak is a chain of restaurants with several locations throughout Changzhou and other cities. Some are more schmaltzy than others. Male staff wear cowboy hats, and the walls are adorned with pictures of rugged American cowboys — with thick mustaches. It’s weird to just go into these places to laugh at the strange ambiance.


As for the food, it’s passable. It’s your standard set of cliched western food: steaks, pork chops, and more. Still, it’s still just “not quite.” For example, last time I ate there, I was served lamb chops on sizzling metal plate. Those lamb chops came with a sunny-side-up egg on the side with a few potatoes. The sides I got were also not so impressive. I had mashed potatoes with meat in them, and not to mention potato wedges with chili, sausage, and cheese on them.


Loaded mashed potatoes is something I haven’t seen in Changzhou all that often with the exception of the now-dead Belahaus, but messy french fries are. Daniel’s, for one, serves what is called “Chilli Cheese Chips” in Xinbei; it’s very good. I dare say it’s currently the best in Changzhou when it comes to that particular dish. Chocolate’s German Bar, down in Wujin, also has something similar. At one point, Burger King had them. Belahaus, when they were in business, had them, too.


There are two selling points to this restaurant. First, it’s relatively cheap. While the steaks are not the type you will not find in a high end restaurant, you have to realize that you are not paying high end prices. Also, Western Beer Beef Steak falls into a category like Pizza Hut. While it’s not a great restaurant, it’s an easy to find chain, and it’s a decent place to eat if you are in a place you do not know, and therefore do not have a lot of dining options.

4 thoughts on “Western Beer Beef Steak”

  1. Thanks Rich,

    I have yet to eat there since moving to Changzhou nine months ago, but your review pinpoints exactly what i figured this place to be after seeing several chains around the city. I’ll give it a try at some point and time.

    1. Give it try when you can’t find anything else. It’s a “meh” sort of place, but in China, mediocre is awesome when you have nothing else to turn to.

  2. thanks,i havn’t found an good western food restaurant except pizza hut. time permitting i’ll have a try this national day.

    1. I would give Monkey King, Jagerwirt, Blue Marlin, Istanbul Restaurant, and a few of the foriegn owned places a try first. Also, OK Koala once they are done renovating and open with a bigger kitchen.

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