Grand Metropolis Mall Vastly Expanded


This is certainly not breaking news to people who live in Wujin, but sweeping changes have come to the Grand Metropolis Mall. This is the shopping center that contains RT Mart and is near an on ramp to the elevated road. Grand Metropolis used to share the building with Golden Eagle, but that high-end store shut down in Wujin around this time last year. In the period between then and now, Grand Metropolis renovated the unused parts Golden Eagle left behind. This means more shopping and dining options. One which appears to be a new-but-forthcoming location of Summer — one of downtown’s oldest surviving western restaurants. This would be the third Summer location in Changzhou that I know of. This new restaurant is set to open after Spring Festival.  It also appears that the Grand Metropolis’ Starbucks has been shut down, but the “coming soon” poster plastered over the windows makes it unclear if its permanently gone or just undergoing renovation.

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  1. Hi Rich,
    You know what, your blog here has been posted and recommended on Changzhou News website and Weibo. That’s how I found here. As a real Changzhounese now living in Australia it really brings me an indescribable homesick-like feeling. I admire your work here, to let more people know the city and to help more English speakers who live in the city.
    Please, keep this remarkable working going.


    1. Thanks. I am also working on doing something like this for jiangsu province. I hope you continue to read, and I am glad you liked what you have seen so far.

  2. I’ve read about the news from the local social media of the wechat circles,many thanks for sharing all of the new experiences of information to show around the whole city,as one of the civilians,we all want to take the effort to help out with fufilling the details of your website.

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