Three American Comforts at Chinese Convenience Stores

I used to think that “if you couldn’t find it at Metro, you can’t find it in Changzhou.” The longer I live here, the more I am discovering that is wrong. Unique items may pop in the most unexpected places. Sure, there are other western supermarket chains, and there are smaller import shops all over the city. However, the most surprising thing, recently, were some things that have been popping up in 24 quickie mart convenience shops like Kedi.


Monster, a very popular American energy drink, has been popping up all over Changzhou as of late. The only other place to carry this so far has been OK Koala in Xinbei, but that is only occasional and with other energy drinks like Red Bull and some lesser known brands. Metro doesn’t carry it, but it does carry something that tries to rip off Monster’s logo.


At the convenience stores, however, it’s only been the green Monster, not the sugarfree blue one. In a way, that’s not surprising. If you exclude Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, Coke Lite, and Pepsi Lite, diet sodas haven’t fared well. Well, the next thing is a promising thing if you like zero calorie soft drinks.


Sprite Zero has shown up. This one is easy to miss because the cans and bottles seem to lack the English name. I have never seen this anywhere until recently — not even at Metro. The third thing I found recently at convenience stores has not been drinks.


Yoplait is a very common brand of yogurt in America, but Kedi is the only place that I have seen it. Monster and Sprite Zero I have seen in some convenience stores besides Kedi. One thing to keep in mind when it comes western food and drink items is that they may not always be there. I can only guarantee that I saw it at the time I took pictures or bought them. For example, I once bought a Polish brand of plum juice at Way Too Delicious in Xinbei, and it never got restocked.