Real Jiangnan

Real Jiangnan is a monthly column in Open Magazine. The articles I write for there tend to be two to three times the length of an average Real Changzhou post. These articles are available only in print, and they can be found in western hotels, bars, and restaurants for free. If you see one, grab it! The order goes from most recent to oldest. Every month, I will add a new cover and article picture. The pictures are for reference purposes, I would not recommend trying to read these articles by enlarging the photos.

IMG_20170124_202329 IMG_20170124_202351 IMG_20170124_202418

img_20161206_130744 img_20161206_130754 img_20161206_130805


img_20161116_144850 img_20161116_144911


img_20161116_150436 img_20161116_150505


img_20161116_145014 img_20161116_144941

Exploring the Dragon City