What is this Blog?


I wander aimlessly. It’s my favorite pastime. Changzhou also really doesn’t have a website in English that tells people where things are. There used to be Tguide.org. There, you could find out what movies were playing in English, and a bunch of other neat stuff. I know, I used to occasionally write for that site. But, for many reasons, sadly, it went away. The person who did that site had to reassess their personal priorities.  I admired her for that, and still do,  for doing so — even if it meant losing such an awesome community platform.

While I loved Tguide, I really don’t have the energy to do a community guide for a city this large. It’s a thankless job that makes nobody happy. So, can you find out what movies are playing in Changzhou by reading this blog? Where the parties are? News tidbits? Business specials and unique promotions that come with menu discounts? Um, no. Sorry. You’re just going to find stuff that interests me. It’s a personal blog, after all!

I also have a personal blog at www.richristow.com. There, you can find massively long essays about stuff. What can I say? I’m a long winded blowhard with an MFA in poetry. I love writing essays. I love concrete detail and description. I love metaphor. I love turning dreams into personal metaphors. Some people liked reading those essays, and others, it’s all TLDR. To each their own.

And I will always write long essays. They can go on my personal blog. They can go here, too, if related to Changzhou. But, you will also see seemingly pointless one paragraph posts like a picture of a Starbucks and explaining where it is. Hell, you will probably see pictures of sit-down toilets and where they are, too.

This blog is meant to be a journal of exploring Changzhou — every nook, every cranny. It’s meant to combine my love of riding my ebike with the practical need for somebody to explain where things are, in English.  Basically, this blog is essentially taking you, the reader, along for the ride while I explore Changzhou. That is all. =^)

Exploring the Dragon City